Born in a garage.  Raised on the street.

It’s not just a slogan,  it’s our story.  From workbenches to our hydraulic press,  we built the tooling that forges our products.  Nexus was born in a garage.  Tried and tested on the street.  Nexus Mufflers are the result of lots of late nights and weekends,  driven by hard work and dedication.

Nexus Mufflers are like many great American products,  they’re forged with the desire for something better,  something unique.

NeXuS Mufflers have these great features:

  • Deep,  rich sound at idle and cruise.
  • Aggressive full throttle sound.
  • Low restriction.
  • Increased horsepower and torque.

By combining the characteristics of a chambered muffler with a glass packed muffler,  Nexus mufflers have a sound that will never change.     

Check out our How It Works page.

Nexus mufflers are proudly made in the USA.